Vaginal shower + 10 effervescent tablets – Intensive Vaginal Hygiene

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Multi-Gin vaginal shower provides optimal general hygiene of the vagina, washes clean, efficiently and gently.

Intensive vaginal hygiene in case of excessive discharge or discharge with unpleasant odor, itching, irritation and burning sensation.
Packaging : vaginal shower + 10 effervescent tablets

Here are the benefits from using the douche and vaginal cleanser:

  • Multi-Gyn cleans the vagina, without harsh chemicals, perfumes and respects the delicate nature of the intimate balance
  • Rinses away any menstrual blood residue
  • Optimises your natural vaginal pH to eliminate odor, discomfort and possible infection
  • Prevents vaginal and bacterial infections and works to support the treatment of fungal (yeast) as well.
  • Helps eliminate embarrassing intimate odor, especially the ‘fishy’ smell sometimes associated with unbalance pH levels
  • Supports the growth of lactobacilli (re-establishing the healthy balance)
  • Helps to remove semen post intercourse, restoring pH levels and eliminating odors

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