Quick Gluten Intolerance Test (test for celiac disease)

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This Quick Gluten Intolerance Test is a rapid test for home use to detect the presence of IgA tissue transglutaminase antibodies (tTG) in whole blood.
This GlutenCHECK test is suitable for the initial diagnosis of gluten intolerance (or celiac disease) as well as for monitoring the therapy.

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The level of α-tTG-IgA antibodies should drop when gluten is removed from the diet. After 6 months of a gluten-free diet, antibodies often become undetectable. The diagnosis must be confirmed by the doctor with an additional recommendation to maintain a gluten-free diet.

Gluten intolerance (celiac disease), known as sprue in adults, is an autoimmune disorder of the small intestine, where the immune system attacks the body’s own tissues. Common symptoms of gluten intolerance include bloating and diarrhea, caused by a reaction to the gluten protein found in many foods. The following symptoms can also be a sign of gluten intolerance, such as weight loss, malnutrition and skin disorders.

Packaging : Quick Gluten Intolerance Test  home kit contains everything needed to perform the test: test cassette, instructions, bottle of solution with sample dilution buffer, 1 automatic sterile lancet for convenient blood sampling, glass capillary tube, pipette, alcohol wipe and patch. Results can be read within 10 minutes.

Step-by-step instructions for self-testing (there are instructions included in the box as well):

  1. Twist the gray cap on the auto-lancet until the cap easily separates from the lancet body. Then twist it again at least twice.
  2. Gently massage your fingertip and clean it using the alcohol wipe. Wait until the tip of your finger is dry.
  3. Press the auto-keying device with a circular hole on a clean fingertip and activate it by pressing the button. The puncture is almost painless.
  4. Open the plastic container and carefully remove the glass capillary tube. Squeeze a drop of blood from your fingertip. Hold the glass capillary tube horizontally until it is completely filled.
  5. Insert the filled glass capillary into the solution bottle and screw the cap back on. Mix the contents of the solution bottle by gently inverting several times until the blood from the glass capillary tube is mixed with the solution.
  6. Allow the sample mixture to settle to the bottom of the solution vial before unscrewing the cap. Only then unscrew the cap.
  7. Open the sealed pouch and remove the test cassette. Place it face up on a clean, dry and flat surface.
  8. Insert the pipette into the solution bottle and add a few drops of the dissolved sample.
  9. Hold the sample mixture pipette upright over the test cassette and gently squeeze to add exactly 3 drops to the sample well (S). Please make sure that there is no liquid on the result windows marked with the letters (T) and (C). Please wait exactly 10 minutes after adding 3 drops to the sample! Then read the result.

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