FertiQUICK Rapid sperm concentration test – Home Kit

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FertiQUICK is a quick test for home use to detect sperm concentration in semen with 95.1% accuracy. Self-testing shows whether the sperm count is considered within normal limits (at least 20 million sperm/ml). Other fertility factors are not detected by the test. A test cassette method with the antigen-antibody principle (immunoassay) is used. The test results can be read through the line appearance in the test field.

“Infertility is not only a woman’s concern. A male gender problem is the sole or contributing cause of infertility in about 40 percent of infertile couples. About a quarter of infertile couples have more than one reason or factor associated with their inability to conceive. About 10 to 15 percent of couples have no identifiable cause for their infertility after medical testing” (Men’s Health, University Health Care).

Packaging : the package contains all the necessary elements needed for the test: a test cassette in a closed bag, a bottle of solution, a syringe for sperm transfer, a cup for collecting sperm, detailed instructions for use.

Step-by-step instructions for self-testing:

  1. Collect the semen sample in the collection cup.
  2. Allow the seminal fluid to stand for at least 20 minutes but no longer than 3 hours at room temperature (15°C-30°C) until the sample becomes visibly liquid.
  3. Use the syringe to transfer the semen and gently mix the sample 10 times.
  4. Pull out the plunger to draw the seminal fluid right up to the 0.1ml line on the syringe
  5. Open the solution bottle by unscrewing the full cap.
  6. Place the semen transfer syringe into the solution vial and gently depress the plunger to add all of the semen to the solution.
  7. Re-cap the solution bottle and gently mix the contents by swirling up and down. Do not shake!
  8. Let the bottle with the mixture of solution and seminal fluid stand for 12 minutes.
  9. Open the foil bag with the test cassette and leave it face up. Unscrew the small cap on top of the solution bottle cap and press gently to add exactly 3 drops of the seminal fluid mixture to the sample well (S) of the test cassette. Read the result 7-12 minutes after adding the sample. Low values ​​may not be detected until 7 minutes have passed, and false positives may occur after a period longer than 12 minutes.

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